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Creative Tastebuds - Aarhus, Denmark

EAT Umeå has been attending the Creative Tastebuds symposium in Aarhus, Denmark this week. It was 2 days of scintillating discussions and exciting exchanges. In the organisers own words the symposium hoped to help "... rethink TASTE during four thematic sessions on memory, learning, storytelling, and sharing". We also sent in an abstract & a visual contribution sharing our work in Umeå so far. The whole idea of our EAT The World series project has been to learn more about other cultures through food, to know more about each other by breaking bread together, (literally and figuratively) and to try to understand what makes food taste like it does- is it Ellen's way of stirring, or is it Marzie's way of dissolving saffron?

Here is the link to the Creative Tastebuds contributions page. Watch our submission here but also have a look at the rest of the incredible contributions on​

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