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 Leena S. Naqvi 

Architect/Multi-disciplinary artist,Creator of{the EAT project}

Originally from Pakistan, Leena holds a Masters degree in sustainable architectural design. She has worked with design and architecture in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Austria and now Sweden. She employs bricolage as a concept for practicing responsible, sustainable design solutions. 


Born and brought up in Karachi, and having spent a few formative years growing up in Damascus, Syria, Leena is no stranger to struggling with identity in the  midst of shuttling between vastly different cultures. With every new country covered, the realisation within her grew stronger that food is a common language and often the way an outsider begins to integrate into a new culture.

She is the creator of {the EAT project}, a project that strives to understand and work with cultural identity, migration & oral history through food and design in today's excessively global age. Also heads a group called Umeå Food Swap that tackles the topic of food waste for it is impossible to talk about food without dealing with food waste.


Sitting on the board of Svensk Form Västerbotten and practicing as an interior architect by day, she is hoping to work on the practice-based book project 'EAT Umeå | EAT The World Series', which focuses on Women, Migration and Food in the city of Umeå in Northern Sweden.

EAT The World Series Part VI |  Cameroonian Egusi Soup Workshop

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